About us

Dajai Association


We are a voluntary organization named ASSOCIAZIONE DAJAI O.D.V.( pronounced Dage’, where Dajai stands for “ENCOUNTER” in Wolof an African language, and was suggested by our two partners from Gambia).


We are, not without joy, a little group with different but complementary passions involved in a common project, which is to promote diversity, multiculturalism, solidarity and inclusion through educational paths and experiences.


We are conscious that education on global rights and citizenship plays a pivotal role in building awareness and values in future generations. Memories, people’s histories, lives, and experiences are a travel journal of everyone’s life. Travelling, volunteering, and European mobility are essential to broaden horizons and better understand the world.

Traveling, volunteering, and European mobility

Are essential to broaden horizons and better understand the world.
Some of our activities require a contribution to help the organisation, and part of the revenue is destined periodically for small solidarity with refugees in Grece.
We also make educational paths in the historical, artistic, archaeological and naturalistic fields, enhancing the material and intangible heritage, trying to create the conditions for this heritage to be accessible to all (elderly, disabled, migrants, adults, children).



I.C. Giovanni XXIII (Isernia)

It was a pleasure to partecipate to the school camp orginized by Dajai association. It engaged us with many activities making the teachers but above all the children discover a lot about nature.


I.C. Madonna Assunta (Napoli)

The Prehistory workshop was amazing, the children were involved and exited from start to finish

Lando and Maria Rosaria

The association Dajai made us enter with delicacy and respect in the wonderful places of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise (Molise side), it was a revelation… thanks!