Social projects

Some of our educational activities are aimed at vulnerable sections of the population.

We collaborate with

Provincial Centres for Adult Education (CPIA); Secondary migrant reception centres; unaccompanied foreign minors at risk Centres; migrants families and children; smaller communities at risk; italian adults and migrants who have left the school or work circuit.

We organize

artistic and craft workshops; italian literacy project; storytelling; itineraries to discover the territoty.


Our projects are structured according to two options: pure volunteering with the only reimbursement of living expenses; through an agreement with public and private bodies that provides a contribution to the association for our activities.

Educational projects

We activate educational, knowledge, twinned and support school projects for troubled realities: Schools in war territories (Palestine); Refugee camps (Syria, Turkey); Children orphaned by one or both parents within refugee camps.
The themes are: Integration, Migration, local, national, European and international volunteering of both laic and religious types.